Hey girl!!

You need to take break from what ever you are doing and check out this super easy, budget friendly, table scape from our girls weekend last summer!


I am sure it is no surprise that there were flamingos and pineapples involved. Ha! What can I say? I love them!

So let me fill you in on our girls weekend…

I LOVE birthdays. Like LOVE them. Everyone should be celebrated on their birthday!

This time it was my birthday! I thought that surely called for a girls weekend at the lake!

We even had a sleepover! There was so much belly laughing going on, lots of encouragement for each other, and sweet tears as we shared what was going on in our lives.

I know hosting something like this can be a bit overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be! I am here to teach you how to have these wonderful celebrations with less stress, and on a budget.


I wanted to plan a weekend that would be relaxing and refreshing for each person that came. Some of them just came out for dinner on Saturday night and some came for the whole weekend!

I had a few ladies that showed up around noon, so what does this southern gal do? Serve chicken salad croissants of course!

Then the three of us spent the late afternoon preparing the evening meal. We started off with my delicious stuffed mushrooms! They needed to marinate before throwing them on the grill. (You can find that recipe under “Savory Bites” )


That evening was enjoyed by all! We had steak, grilled veggies, oven potatoes, and bread sticks. We even enjoyed some cheesecake for dessert! SO YUMMY!

The next morning started off with coffee of course…duh. We had a lovely breakfast out on the porch and shared how God was working in each of us. There is something so powerful when we get together and share about God’s goodness!

Now, let’s breakdown the décor and budget….


Here is a list of items I used and where I found them!

  • Table runner- 2 beach towels ($4 each), and flamingo kimono ($7) – Walmart
  • 6 candles ($1 each) and flowers ($6 total) – Dollar Tree
  • Brass buckets- I found these in the party section at Walmart for $1 each!
  • Gold and pink foil dessert plates- I believe I spent about $6-8 total on these. I found them at Walmart!
  • Pineapple and flamingo cocktail napkins- $1 each in the amazing dollar section at Target!
  • Pineapple glasses- I already had these but I picked them up at Walmart!

(Prices may have changed in store)

Ya’ll!!! I only spent like $40 on the décor!! That’s pretty great for such a fun weekend!

If you are like… yeah but, that’s still 40 bucks!! Let me put you at ease…

We now use those beach towels, I wear that stinking cute flamingo kimono over my swimsuit, I pull out those cute little buckets all the time, and I have used those candles at like 5 events!! Totally got my moneys worth. (Insert victory dance here)

See? It doesn’t have to be big and expensive, to be lovely and fun! Cheers to your next celebration!

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