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4 Egg Dying Methods Part-2


I couldn’t stop at just four basic egg dying methods! So, we tried four more! These were seriously so much fun!! 1. Tie Dye eggs were SO MUCH FUN!! (pictured above)  I plan to do these with my kids!

All you need is paper towel, food coloring, rubber bands, and a spray bottle of water.

You wrap the egg in paper towel and secure at the top with a rubber band (kind of like you are doing a top pony tail).

Then you can add small drops of different food color to the paper towel. Be sure to space it out!

Spray the paper towel lightly with the water.

Let dry overnight or until paper towel is dry.

Unwrap your super funky colorful egg!

I added the link below, to the video of us making these! You can see all the steps there!



2. BROWN EGGS!! You read that right! Are they not the most beautiful jewel tone you ever did see?!

We wrapped these brown eggs with rubber bands and let them soak in food coloring, a splash of white vinegar, and water for about 10 minutes. Stunning!!

These may be my favorite!!



3. Majestic Pearl egg dying kit. This was super easy. The kit comes with little bags and the dye. You just put your egg in the bag, put a few drops of dye in, and rub it around.

Super easy, fast, and pretty!



4. This is the salt method! I decided I wanted to save my salt so I used sugar instead.

All you need is salt, sugar, or rice, small zipper bags, and food coloring.

Add about a 1/2 cup of sugar and several drops of color into the bag. Massage it around until the sugar is colored.

Add your egg and rub around. Remove egg from the bag and let sit for a few minutes to dry. Brush off excess sugar and enjoy!

You can hang out and watch all four of these super fun egg dying methods here>>>

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