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Fun Easter Table


I LOVE Easter! It holds so much meaning for me as a Christian but it is also a time to celebrate spring and all the beauty that accompanies it! I wanted a table setting that would be bright, colorful, and fun! With a few little tweaks you could make this more sophisticated and formal.

We will have a mix of adults and children so I wanted something that would be fun for everyone!

Lets start with the table runner! I used a roll of brown paper, Q-tips, and craft paint. So cheap and easy! (You can watch a time lapse video of that at the end of this post!)



Check out those plates. Are they not the CUTEST thing you have ever seen?! I found them at Walmart! I loved that they featured a little bunny and that he wasn’t a cartoon.

I paired them with gold chargers I found at the Dollar Tree, and we made flatware carrots! (You can watch me make the flatware carrots at the end of this post!)

What I love about this is, you can put your own personal spin on it! Want a rabbit for a centerpiece? Add one! Want just a bowl of eggs? You go for it! You could do ANYTHING as a centerpiece! Grocery store fresh flowers would be lovely as well! Maybe you have a special cake you’ve made… that would be a perfect centerpiece!


Do a little shopping around your house and have fun putting your table together! Your family and friends are going to love it!

Here you can watch two, time lapse videos of me making the super easy table runner, and the flatware carrots! >>>>


Thanks for hanging out! Have a very Happy and Blessed Easter!



1 thought on “Fun Easter Table”

  1. It’s all so cute and festive! I love the reminder to shop our houses first, and the rest is so affordable. 🙂 Thank you for the fun inspiration!


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