Holiday Fun

St. Patrick’s Day Treat Hacks!

Oh man, you are LUCKY I love a good hack! Ha!When I am supposed to make school treats, birthday treats, or any treats for that matter, I always have grand ideas! However, mom life doesn’t always allow me to make those grand ideas happen. That’s where mom hacks (or leprechaun magic) come in. Ha!

For these treats I purchased cupcakes and cookies from my grocery store bakery! No baking required! (Insert all the praise hands here.) I then raided the candy aisle and found Rolo’s for the pots of gold and Air Head Extreme’s for the rainbow but there are many options available! I had mini marshmallows, canned white frosting, and gold sprinkles in my pantry. Score!

Of course this isn’t an original idea. I’ve seen variations of these cupcakes all over the internet. However, I haven’t seen a cookie done like this yet! I think I love the cookies the most!

These are a perfect, fast, easy, treat for you to send to school or take to the office!

You can watch me make them here >>>>



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