Holiday Fun

4 Egg Dying Methods Part-1


Easter Egg dying have you in a panic? Are you wondering which method you should use this year? Well, I saved you some time and tried a bunch for you! I started with four basic methods.

  1. We started out with a traditional PAAS Egg Dying Kit. (Pictured above)                    Just like always, they did not disappoint! These people have their kits perfected. Look how vibrant those colors are!


2. Good ol’ squeeze bottle food coloring from the pantry, a splash of white vinegar, and some water, gave us nice bold eggs!!


3. This is the shaving cream method. Kinda sorta. Ha!

So, you are supposed to put shaving cream and a few drops of food coloring in muffin tin and let your eggs hang out in there for about 10 minutes. Of course if you know me, you know that I didn’t read all of the instructions.

Apparently you are supposed to let them sit in vinegar first. I didn’t care for how messy this was.

Also, this would be much safer if you use whip topping instead of shaving cream.

I am sure you already know this was not my favorite method! haha!


4. Kool-Aid method. Umm no. I probably didn’t do this one right either! Ha!

You can hang out and watch me do all 4 of these methods here>>>>>

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